Yes, both of our builders are happy to do extreme customization to their floor plans as engineering and codes allow. There are many design changes to the standard floor plan. These can be made in our office and submitted to the builder. For example, you could move or enlarge doors or windows. You may also enlarge or shrink room sizes, change the roof pitch and more.

Our homes feature green innovation including “Energy Star” energy efficiency. Energy Star homes use efficient construction techniques and high performance products, from the window, door, appliances and lighting to the heating and cooling systems. You’ll see the difference in your energy cost. Better yet, and you’ll make a difference for the environment.

Our builders are constantly working to upgrade the production process of building a home. This helps  to reduce and recycle material waste, and reduce the consumption of energy it takes to build a home. Many materials they use to build a home, such as adhesives, paints, caulks, and sealants, etc. are water based environmentally-friendly “Green” materials.

Our builders work with their local Power Companies to find ways to conserve and better utilize the energy it takes to build a home.

The suppliers of the home’s components continually work with the builders to find the best materials to help build “Green”. They design and build with Green Construction in mind. Green Construction is much more than installing insulation made from recycled materials. Green Construction is best described as always finding better construction methods and energy efficient materials/ Because of this, it  decreases the home building and home ownership impact on the environment.

You may have once known them as “mobile homes”, but after HUD passed the Federal Manufactured Housing Standards and Safety Act, with rigid standards for quality, the term mobile home was dropped. Now that all manufactured homes are built to the new standards, the overall quality, durability, and longevity of manufactured homes has increased significantly.

No, each manufacturer builds its home to their own set of standard items. However they must all adhere to a strict federal standard called the HUD code. Our builders have elected to build to a much higher standard. They decided not to build to the bare minimum, but to a standard they use. The standard was formed from the input of previous customers and the “Dealer Council”. The Dealer Councl is a group of selected retailers that meet twice a year to give feedback on their experiences from the preceding six months.

Yes. Studies conducted by the Seattle-based Elway Research Group show that manufactured homes hold their value. Moreover, the generally appreciate in value at the same rate as site-built homes in their neighborhoods. Location is the main factor determining long-term appreciation for both types of homes.

Yes, in fact DeTray’s has been doing land/home packages since 1968. In fact, about eighty percent of our customers choose this type of loan. As a general contractor we have completed land/home packages for all kinds of situations. Whether it's an easy placement where all the utilities are in on a level site to more complicated placements for example, on basements, elevating a foundation for a flood zone, or clearing raw land to install roads and all utilities. Many times our customers will include some of these features into their packages. Examples are covered porches, decks, carports, and garages (either attached or unattached).

We have loans for all types of situations; Home-Only loans, Land/Home package loans, Vacation Home loans, V.A., F.H.A., Rural Housing (U.S.D.A.) loans, and Non-Owner Occupied loans are all available OAC (on approved credit).

The same types of financing rates for our homes are available. We have selected lenders that you can use for Conventional, FHA, and VA home loans.

Foundation costs will vary from site to site, and size of home. There are many different types of foundations to select from; we prefer the Foundation Works Primary Support Column (PSC), and the Perimeter Support Wall (PSW).
SOURCE:  www.foundationworksinc.com

Yes, and you may be entitled to an appliance credit.

Yes, periodically we have specials throughout the year. In order to find out about our specials and upcoming manufacturer’s offers, just ask to be added to our email list.